When I was in Sydney last month, I spent an afternoon with Maria. I love looking at the photographs capturing her daily, that Maria  posts on her blog schorlemädchen. Below are her thoughts on photography and life in Sydney, where she moved from Germany a couple of years ago.

I was always fascinated by photography and went to exhibitions or browsed blogs and flickr streams of people whose photos I really enjoyed looking at. However, I think I started taking photos regularly after getting a digital slr in 2009. I was living in Hamburg at the time and started taking lots of photos on the weekends or in my apartment which had wonderful light. I think essentially I started getting into photography in 2010 – the year I moved to Sydney, when I found an old Pentax camera at a flea market. This is when I started to experiment with the world of analog cameras.

On my weekend walks I would always have the camera with me trying to capture moments, corners and shadows which I stumbled upon.When I moved to Sydney I would go for long walks in my first weeks to explore the neighborhood and connect the different paths on the map always starting and ending at our house. Also, trying to take different routes or purposefully getting lost in the backstreets of a neighbourhood. This is how I would discover nice little corners and sometimes I had the camera with me to capture some of these moments. Photography definitely helped me to look closer at things and realize how wonderful the light here in Australia is.

I am an early bird and I like to start my weekend relatively early on a Saturday morning, usually with a visit to our local farmers market to pick up some veggies and fruit for the week. This is often followed by a walk to a surrounding neighborhood and a coffee at one of the many nice cafes here in Sydney, or by a swim in the sea depending on the season of the year. On a perfect Saturday I would also find some time to read, or craft, or chat to my husband while cooking, or fall asleep in the shadow of a tree in the nearby park.

I can definitely be in a situation in which I get very excited to take a photo of something and really try to capture this moment quickly, but I try not to get distracted too much by it and also not to get on my friends’ nerves who happen to share a meal with me. Let’s put it like this, there are a lot more coffees I have then I take photos of. It can even happen that I just can’t bother to get the camera out to take a photo. I still think it is important to live the moment, photos are a great way to remember it.

Besides from putting some of the photos on my blog, I also like to print some of them out to put them up on a wall at home. For the last few years I had made my family calendars for christmas with photos matching to the seasons of the past year of my life here in Sydney. This is a really enjoyable process as I take my time to go reflect on my year by browsing though all of my photos. Additionally,  there are many photos which I don’t put up on the blog, which I just keep for myself. I guess I also feel like some moments fascinate me so often that I happen to have lots of similar photos of places – I think both the process of taking photos, but also the time after it is very important to me.

I really like magazines with interesting layouts, photos which inspire. Some of the magazines I am always excited about are The Gentlewoman, Apartamento, COS Magazine, Brand Eins, CUT (a craft magazine) and the Weekender (those three are German publications). I also enjoy publications such as 3191 Quarterly or Wilder Quarterly.

To see Maria’s photographs:

  1. Lovely to read Maria´s thoughts and see her sweet smile.

    Thank you for this little peek.

    • Thanks Anna Emilia! I am a big fan of your art 🙂

  2. Anne said:

    I love all of those photos. The color palette is so warm and inviting and you captured some really interesting expressions.

  3. Katarina said:

    Nice work Olga – I love your portraits 🙂

  4. Mandy said:

    What beautiful shots Olga …. I love Maria’s photography and her blog ,I so enjoyed reading this X

  5. imatioθiki said:

    just found out about your work via schorlemadchen. your pictures are amazing. congrads!

  6. Marion said:

    I adore these photographs ! Fabulous job done ladies !

  7. claire said:

    beautiful portraits of a lovely lady. such a warm and inviting home.

    • Claire, when I saw Maria’s apartment I told her I’m moving in, it’s dreamy! 🙂

  8. Olga, what a gorgeous project! I have loved Maria’s photos. And she is beautiful, isn’t she?

    • Oh yes 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words!

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